For every minute a truck is not on the road, thousands of dollars can be lost. We get the urgency – we've been truck drivers, too. That's why our seasoned team with an extensive background in commercial fleet service is here to help as your expert guide for any situation. Take advantage of our 24-hour technical advocates that facilitate timely and cost-effective repairs for our valued customers and see the savings for yourself.



Register your fleet with TLG Guru today and experience the confidence of having a monitoring, responding repair expert on call at all times.

  • Your Go-To Commercial Fleet Service Liaison

    Guru is your 24-hour dedicated service expert for over-the-road fleet maintenance to ensure the success of your repair. Guru monitors repairs and responds to each customer's individual needs. As a liaison between commercial fleet managers and dealerships, Guru shares timely updates between fleet owners, managers, and repair facilities, and will work with you to diagnose priority and immediacy of repairs. Guru is also available to answer questions ranging from electrical troubleshooting to after-treatment systems, empowering fleet managers to make informed decisions about equipment and fleet service needed. Finally, through its advanced SmartLinq technology system, Guru can help fleet managers monitor each truck and diagnose an issue before it even gets into a service bay.

    Purchasing and Pricing

    All pre-owned trucks purchased at TLG are automatically enrolled in a 90-day free trial of Guru. A one-time registration fee of $9.95 per truck is required to enroll in the Guru program followed by a $45 fee per call after the 90-day trial expires. All new trucks purchased from TLG are enrolled automatically with Guru and is free to all new truck customers for life, as long as the truck is owned by the original buyer. All calls will be verified with fleet manager approval.

    Service Commitment

    Guru will work with you to create a customized fleet service program to your unique operation. Each of our seasoned call center representatives has a background in service with the technical knowledge for your commercial truck and fleet service needs. Our service commitment centers around three key values for customers:

    Reduced Wait Time on Parts

    Guru makes sure parts are either stocked or en route to a service destination to minimize lost time.

    Reduced Wait Time on Service

    Guru works directly with service locations to triage equipment and identify the shops with the shortest available wait time within the nearest distance.

    Reduced Wait Time on Repairs

    Drivers are met with a professional service counter, and technicians maintain direct communication with Guru as repairs are made.

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    About TLG

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    TLG Peterbilt's mission is to keep Customers for Life through unsurpassed customer experience in all areas of commercial transportation services. Our employees provide innovative solutions through continuous improvement, communication, and genuine concern for each customer. We will form a partnership with our customers to provide a quality experience, the first time every time.

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