Used Truck Parts, Rebuilt for Reliability

TLG supplies used semi truck parts and aftermarket truck parts like used transmissions and used heavy duty truck parts, all remanufactured and inspected for quality. We believe cost-conscious customers need not compromise quality to receive affordable pricing. That’s true of all TLG Peterbilt trucks and parts, though rebuilt used truck parts will of course beat pricing on new parts.


To instill additional confidence that our near-countless used truck parts are worthy of the TLG endorsement, all used transmissions and other used parts must meet similarly rigid quality standards as our new items before leaving the shop with a TLG stamp.

Why so demanding? For starters, we know you’ll agree there’s a world of difference between “cheap parts” and “affordably priced parts”. More importantly to our crews, all the way up the ranks to TLG President Glenn Larson, we demand quality for the simple reason that TLG expects all our customers’ trucks to perform at their greatest potential.


Looking for Used Parts Alternatives?

Ask an experienced used parts rep about our extensive inventory.

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From Our Customers

Very friendly, very patient. Extremely clean and well-stocked Parts Department.

-Beth G.

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