FINANCING QUESTIONS: Do you do financing?

Yes, Capital Lending has over 40 lenders to help secure financing.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: What does a down payment have to be?

A down payment on a truck purchase depends on several factors. The primary factors are credit history, truck price/year model/mileage and term

FINANCING QUESTIONS: My credit score is X what would my down payment be?

Your down payment is dependent upon several different factors and can be different from one lender to the next. Factors include: credit history, truck price/year model/mileage, and term.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: I'm a first time buyer, can I get financing?

First time buyers can get financing. We have several sources to choose from. 

FINANCING QUESTIONS: What does it take to get financed?

Many factors go into getting financed. The primary ones are credit score, truck price/year and model/mileage and down payment.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: At what percentage rate are payments and interest calculated?

Interest rates vary by lender. We strive to get the best possible deal.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: My credit isn’t very good, can I get financing?

We have several lenders that offer financing to applicants with lower credit scores. Down payments are required and start at 15% - 25% down.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: Are your interest rates high?

Interest rates are dependent on time in business/driving experience and personal credit as well as the truck you are looking to purchase.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: I’ve been in business for x years. My credit score is x. Can I get financed for this many trucks?

Our credit managers work very hard to find the right funding source to help you with your specific needs.  It may take more than one lender in some situations to finance multiple trucks.  Credit score and time in business play a key role in the process.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: What are the financing terms?

Terms depend on the credit score truck price/year model/mileage, and time in business.and range from 24-84 months accordingly.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: How difficult is it to get financed?

That varies by customer and is driven by credit score, and a variety of other factors.   We have arranged financing for all types of credits even ones with low credit scores.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: How is a down payment decided?

Down payment is based on several factors. Factors include: credit score truck price/year model/mileage, and time in business.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: Do you have a first-time buyer's program?

We have several lenders that finance first time buyers.

FINANCING QUESTIONS: Will filling out the application effect my credit score?

Yes, once we receive an application credit is pulled immediately. We then narrow down the best two or three funding sources to submit your request to. 

PARTS: Do you sell All Makes parts?

Yes, we do sell All Makes parts. TRP offers parts for all makes and models.

PARTS: Are your brake drums made in America?

Yes, our TRP drums are made in America. Each drum is labeled with a Made in America sticker. Drums are produced at facilities in Arkansas and Alabama.

PARTS: Can you deliver parts?

Yes, Our delivery personnel usually leave on their routes at 10 am. So call us before 10 am and you can have it delivered that day. We have delivery to many areas, please check with the parts counter for coverage information in your area.

PARTS: What kind of warranty coverage is on a particular part?

It varies depending on the part, but, all parts come with a minimum one year warranty.

LEASING: Can you tell me about a lease?

The most common lease we offer is a Full Service Lease (FSL).  This option includes a truck built to suit and includes all expenses associated with regular maintenance and breakdown repair – not to include driver error, neglect or abuse.  We can also provide substitute vehicles if your truck goes down for an extended time.

LEASING: What kind of down payment is required for a lease?

Typically, a down payment is not required with well established credit history. However, the credit review process for leases tends to be based more on the sustainability of the business given a down turn in revenue than just a credit bureau score.

LEASING: What is the difference between a lease and a long term rental?

The services are the same, both are full service. The difference is the commitment. A lease has a contract for a set rate for a set amount of time usually five years or more. A rental is a day to day contract.

LEASING: I want the maintenance services of a lease but need to own my equipment for tax purposes.

We offer contract maintenance that is the same service as our lease, but you own the equipment and carry the asset on your books.

LEASING: What happens when I leave the area where my truck is domiciled? Who will work on it?

Paclease has a dealer network with 450 locations nationwide. We also have a network of outside providers that we will call on when you are in need on the road.

LEASING: How much does it cost to lease a truck?

The price of a lease depends on your choice in the custom leasing services offered. We take the time to design a truck for you and your business, instead of giving you a truck we have sitting on the lot somewhere. Our job is to make sure that your leasing costs fit your financial plan and that your fleet in return represents your business well.

TRUCK SALES: Do you have financing?

Yes. We have a fantastic team of experts at TLG Financial. Their financing options are competitive and customized to fit your business operation. Visit our finance page to fill out a credit application, and speak with a financial officer about the truck you are interested in now.

TRUCK SALES: Do you offer warranties?

We offer warranties on both our new and used equipment. Whether you're interested in factory warranties, or a warranty that gives you peace of mind when driving a quality used truck off our lot.

TRUCK SALES: Do you deliver trucks?

Our PDI center delivers trucks straight from the factory to any location across the country.

TRUCK SALES: Do you buy trucks?

TLG Peterbilt is always looking for trucks to buy. If you're interested in selling your pre-owned heavy duty truck, send us a message through our contact page or give us a call. 

TRUCK SALES: Do you offer custom spec'd units?

Yes. We have a great team of expert financial advisors and engineers who work daily to help build a truck that is custom spec'd for any job. Whether you need a cusom spec for new truck purchase or leasing, submit a form with your contact information or call our truck sales department.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Can we sleep in our truck overnight in the parking lot instead of getting a hotel?

There are a few locations that allow drivers to stay overnight in the parking lot, but others do not offer the option due to the size and structure of our parking lot.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you have laundry facilities?

We do not offer laundry facilities at our dealerships, but our locations are located near hotels and other facilities that offer laundry services.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Is there a restaurant nearby?

We have dealerships with restaurants within walking distance, and others that are within a couple miles.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you have showers?

Some of our larger dealerships are equipped with showers. You can check our locations detail page to learn more.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you have vending machines?

Yes, we have vending machines available at our dealerships.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you have facilities designated for men and women?

Our dealerships have designated men's and women's bathrooms.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you cash Comchecks?

The majority of our dealerships do not offer services for cashing Comchecks, but we can help you find the nearest bank.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you have hotels nearby?

Yes, we have hotels nearby. Our dealership in Erlanger, KY for instance has hotels within walking distance, while others are withing 5 miles.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you have a shuttle that takes you to the hotel?

Although many of our dealerships offer a shuttle that will take you to a nearby hotel, there are a couple that do not offer a shuttle. Many hotels may offer a shuttle service, and so it is always a great idea to call them ahead when scheduling a service apointment.

DRIVER QUESTIONS: Do you offer rental vehicles?

We do not offer car rentals, but have a Paclease leasing and rental service on-site at some of our facilities. We ask that you call ahead if you are interested in rental.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Do you have loaded trailer parking?

All of our dealerships have loaded trailer parking. If you have any questions or concerns with parking your loaded trailer, please call our service department.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: How many bays does your facility have?

Our dealership facility has bays that range from 7 bays to 24. Visit our location details page to see the number of bays at each location.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: What are your hours of operation?

Our Mid-America and Springfield location's service department are open 24/7, but the hours vary between each TLG Peterbilt dealership and the department within. Sales is typically open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM while parts and service has longer available hours. Please check our locations detail pages for the hours of operation at a dealership you are interested in visiting.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Are you open on Saturdays?

Most of our locations are open on Saturday, but we have a couple dealerships who are not. We recommend that you call our dealership to schedule a service appointment, or visit our location details page for the hours of operation at a specific location.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Can I pick my truck up after hours?

We are always happy to make arrangements for after hours pick-up. Please give us a call to let us know how we can help you.


Yes, we offer free WIFI at all of our TLG Peterbilt dealerships.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Where are you located?

Our locations are spread across 7 states in the central and eastern regions of the United States.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Do you offer mobile maintenance?

Mobile service is offered at 19 TLG Peterbilt locations. Check the location details page to learn which dealerships offers mobile maintenance. 

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Do you have a towing service?

Not all of our dealerships offer towing, but work with great local companies who offer towing services. Check our locations details page for details, and give us a call for a recommendation.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Do you make service calls?

Service calls are available at select TLG Peterbilt dealerships, but not all. We invite you to give us a call with any service questions that you may have.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Do you have a body shop?

We have a body shop at our Joplin, Springfield, and O'Fallon locations with award winning work for our customers.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Can you work on trailers?

Many of our dealerships offer work on trailers, but the type of work varies. For example, our Springfield, MO location will work on trailer but cannot perform body repairs on trailers. We recommend that you call the dealership and speak with our service department to see what we can offer for the services that you need.

SERVICE DEPT. QUESTIONS: Do you paint trailers?

Our Mid-America Peterbilt location in O'Fallon, MO is the only location that can paint trailers.

COST-RELATED QUESTIONS: What are your labor rates?

Our labor rates vary between regions. Please call our service department for labor rates and to request a free estimate on your needed service work.

COST-RELATED QUESTIONS: Do we charge for estimates?

We recommend that you bring your truck to our nearest Peterbilt dealer location for fast & accurate service diagnostics in two hours or less through our Quick Check service program. We offer some free estimates on most work, but it depends on the issue you are having and the extent of diagnostics needed to understand the issues. It is always best to speak directly with one of our service technicians to find the best options for you..

COST-RELATED QUESTIONS: Do you do warranty work?

Yes, offer warranty work and would like to work with you to make sure that the proper process is in place to cover the expenses of the services that you need. Call ahead to schedule and appointment and we will work closely with you on any warranty work needed.

COST-RELATED QUESTIONS: How many techs do you have per shift?

Each of our dealerships vary in shifts offered at each location, and the number technicians available per shift. With shops ranging between 7 to 24 bays plus varying  hours of operation, we have shifts ranging from 5 technicians to 13 technicians depending on shifts.

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you have triage available?

Uptime is the goal at TLG for every customer, and triage plays a significant role in helping reach that goal. We ask that you call our dealership to schedule a service appointment for our service technicians to help assign the degree of urgency to your failing heavy duty truck.

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you work on all makes?

Yes. Our dealerships are equipped with experienced and trained technicians on all makes and models.

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you work on Cummins engines?

Yes, TLG Peterbilt technicians can work on all engine makes.

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you work on Cat engines?

Yes, TLG Peterbilt technicians can work on all engine makes.

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you do front end alignments?

Yes, we perform front-end alignments at these TLG Peterbilt locations:

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you offer Frame Straightening?

Yes, we perform frame straightening at these TLG Peterbilt locations:

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you work on natural gas engines?

Yes, we service natural gas engines at these TLG Peterbilt locations:


Yes, we perform DPF cleaning at these TLG Peterbilt locations:

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Can you rebuild gearing in-house?

Yes, we can rebuild gearing at these TLG Peterbilt locations:

SERVICE OPTIONS QUESTIONS: Do you offer detailing services for trucks?

Yes, we perform detailing services at these TLG Peterbilt locations:

BODY SHOP QUESTIONS: Do you have a body shop?

We have body shops at our Joplin, Springfield, and O'Fallon locations with award winning work for our customers.

BODY SHOP QUESTIONS: Are you certified to weld?

Yes, our service shops are certified to weld.

BODY SHOP QUESTIONS: Do you do custom paint work?

Yes, we offer custom paint work. Please call our TLG Peterbilt Body Shop to discuss the options available for touch-ups or a beautiful custom design.

BODY SHOP QUESTIONS: Do you do fiberglass repairs?

Yes. We offer fiberglass repairs at our Body Shop locations.

BODY SHOP QUESTIONS: What type of paint do you use?

Our TLG Peterbilt Body Shops offer AXALTA or the Peterbilt Factory Paint, currently IMRON (was DUPONT).

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