Commercial Truck Rentals

When you choose TLG for truck rental or tractor trailer rental, you benefit from nationwide emergency road service, available permitting, and interstate licensing. TLG Leasing offers a variety of quality commercial truck rental and trailer rental solutions. We focus on maximizing the efficiency of your fleet by considering payload capacity, horsepower, weight, height and length, turning radius, and much more. With a wide range of configurations that are available, you can work closely with a sales rep and our in-house engineer for the right truck and pricing. We have over the road heavy duty and medium duty leasing and rentals available by appointment.

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Full Service Truck Lease Agreement

Full Service Leasing

Lease Options
Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

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Contract Maintenance

Contract Maintenance

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We rent refuse trucks

We Rent Refuse Trucks

As a direct response to customer demand, we rent the latest and greatest Peterbilt refuse trucks by the day, week or month. When your trucks stop moving, your business doesn't have to. We rent a variety of premium Peterbilt refuse trucks including, trash/garbage trucks, rolloff trucks, side loader trucks, rear loader trucks, front loader trucks and more.

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