Your Preventive Fleet Maintenance Service Plan

The Larson Group’s planned preventative fleet maintenance and commercial truck service packages maximize the performance, safety, and fuel efficiency of your truck fleet. What’s covered in Preventive Care maintenance package? You can count on everything a preventive and predictive maintenance plan needs to keep your fleet running on all cylinders:

  • Tire Management
  • Transmission Lubricants
  • Fuel Filters
  • Axles and Alignment
  • Body Repair
  • Vehicle Washing



Scheduling commercial truck service maintenance regularly is crucial for long-term savings. TLG's preventive fleet maintenance ensures that your trucks are in the best possible condition to avoid unforeseen emergency situations that can break your bank—and your delivery deadline. TLG’s technicians will inspect the strength of your breaks and monitor tire tread depth using only high-quality brands and replace them at the first sign of cracking or weakening.


Over time, normal wear on trucks can cause costly downtime. Our predictive and preventive fleet maintenance services include replacing fuel filters that clogged from dust and debris. To increase performance efficiency, TLG corrects any off-kilter axle alignment, provides lubricant for your transmission, and performs DPF cleanings at every scheduled service.


By keeping your fleet vehicles in peak condition, your business can continue to bring in revenue. Catching a problem early requires less time to address than emergency repairs. With preventative commercial truck service maintenance, your trucks get the expert care needed to avoid repairs, saving you considerable money over the long term.


In addition to the many benefits of commercial truck service maintenance listed above, your drivers and customers will appreciate your commitment to quickly correcting any problems with your fleet, including needed body repair.

It’s clear: Preventive fleet maintenance from TLG strengthens your company image, improves driver morale, and keeps your fleet on the road.

Fleet Maintenance

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