With eight locations dedicated to commercial truck rentals, TLG is ready to pave the road to your success. We know from experience what it costs when a driver can't hit the road. Our premium Peterbilt trucks will eradicate lost earning potential by increasing your fleet uptime during unforeseeable events – at affordable rates.

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Commercial Truck Rentals

When you choose TLG for truck rental or tractor trailer rental, you benefit from nationwide emergency road service, available permitting, and interstate licensing. TLG Leasing offers a variety of quality commercial truck rental and trailer rental solutions. We focus on maximizing the efficiency of your fleet by considering payload capacity, horsepower, weight, height and length, turning radius, and much more. With a wide range of configurations that are available, you can work closely with a sales rep and our in-house engineer for the right truck and pricing. We have over the road heavy duty and medium duty leasing and rentals available by appointment.

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More About TLG Leasing Options

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Full Service Leasing

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Enjoy the consistency of a set monthly payment from a full service commercial truck lease agreement with TLG based on a combination of services for lease purchase trucks, including the 2016 Peterbilt line. Custom spec'd premium truck leasing increases your delivery reliability, free-up your working capital, and allows you to focus on your core business needs among many other benefits.

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Preventative Maintenance

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Keep your lease purchase trucks in optimal shape for reliable delivery schedule and happy customers. TLG manages your preventative maintenance needs as part of your commercial truck lease agreement or as a stand-alone service. Our factory-trained technicians will catch problems before minor repair needs become major, saving your money by preventing and organizing foreseeable downtime.

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Contract Maintenance

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Effective service program for your non-lease trucks. The right Contract Maintenance plan will fit your business, age and condition of your commercial truck fleet, routes traveled, vehicle mileage, products hauled, and application type. Instead of a so-called "standard" contract, our certified technicians customise the perfect maintenance program for your non-lease trucks.