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  • We're The Larson Group. But you can call us TLG.

    For drivers and fleet owners looking for the very best ride and the most dependable partner, TLG is the dealer for premium, best-in-class trucks and service. You should never have to compromise when it comes to your equipment. Founded by drivers-turned-dealers, only TLG can offer industry-leading support, high-quality new and used trucks, and relationships that last a lifetime. Our perspective from being out on the road means that we’re especially capable of being that expert source drivers rely on to keep them rolling when it counts. We’re easy to work with and focus on meeting the needs of your drivers so they can meet the needs of those who rely on them every day. It’s all part of the commitment we share with Peterbilt Motors Company to put drivers first today, and tomorrow.

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The Larson Group Celebrates 35 Years of Serving the Trucking Industry

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The Larson Group is proud to be celebrating 35 of serving the trucking industry. Join us as we reflect on this momentous occasion.

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TLG Peterbilt Partners with U.S. Army Veteran Recruiting Program

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TLG Peterbilt became new member of Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) program for U.S. Army and Columbus Army Recruiting Battalion. 

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TLG Begins Facility Renovations to Greensboro Dealership

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TLG Peterbilt is renovating Greensboro location to give dealership updated look, improved customer experience.


TLG Peterbilt PacLease Named as North American Franchise of the Year

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TLG Leasing was named North American Franchise of the Year at annual Truck Rental and Leasing Association (TRALA) annual meeting.

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We're all about your success.

We’ve been drivers. We understand your needs and are the expert source to help you stay on the road. The programs we develop and the services we offer are grounded in providing solutions you need most. Inside the cab and under the hood, we know what it takes to keep you moving. Our solutions aren’t just fancy words or empty promises. Everything we do comes backed by quality standards, because we believe in only providing the best. Our focus on services and solutions is all about providing a lasting value—because we want you to be part of the TLG Peterbilt family for life.

A reputation for dedication.

We’re known for our dedication — we’re in it for the long haul. Because we were drivers before we were dealers, we understand the needs of each one of our customers, from those who need a single truck to those looking for a fleet of 100. We are focused on providing the right solutions, and are known for providing care that is a level above others. Truly, a TLG experience. 

10 Thousand

U.S. companies buy products and services from TLG.

$42 Million

in our warehoused parts inventory at all times.

$1 Million

spent on diesel technician training annually.

Our Mission

At TLG Peterbilt, our mission and values give us a framework for leadership and decision making, and help us truly enjoy our time at work. They are the foundation of our company, essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision. Our commitment to these values, in both words and actions, builds a stronger, healthier TLG, benefiting all of our workforce and customer-base.



Before becoming a trucking industry titan, our owners ran their own family truck line in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Claire Larson and his six sons hauled grain and livestock for more than 20 years, and four of those family members are directly involved with TLG Peterbilt today.


In September 1987, co-owners Claire Larson and his son, Glenn, were given the opportunity to run a Peterbilt dealership in Springfield, Missouri. Pictured at left: Claire Larson meets with Peterbilt Motors Company to celebrate becoming a dealership owner. And the journey to come was better than they initially anticipated. 


The momentum continued and TLG essentially grew overnight. With our farming and truck operating roots, TLG has an understanding of both driver and business needs that led to numerous accolades and company expansion. As we acquired additional Peterbilt dealerships, the Larson brothers worked side-by-side with our growing workforce to maintain a culture crafted from our values that include meaningful customer relationships and family.


It wasn't long before the Larson family took their services to Joplin, Missouri with their first satellite store. And not too long after, they expanded into Arkansas. TLG Peterbilt – Joplin, Fort Smith (Van Buren, AR) and NW Arkansas (Lowell, AR) are still owned and operated by the Larsons today.


The Larson Group gradually made its way beyond just the Midwest. North and South Carolina welcomed TLG with open arms in 2015, and we even had the honor of opening Peterbilt Motors Company's 400th Peterbilt dealership in early 2020. This marks a total 21 TLG Peterbilt locations today.


The Larson Group took ownership of a 25-acre truck salvage yard, stocked with over 200 salvage trucks in 2011. Truck Component Services, located in Strafford, MO and is close to TLG's flagship dealership, specializes in refuse vehicles and salvage parts, and offers a variety of shop services.


Peterbilt Motors Company announced TLG Peterbilt as the North American Dealer in February 2020. This was TLG Peterbilt’s 6th Dealer of the Year award, adding it to their awards in 2015, 2009, 2006, 2003 and 1998. TLG also expanded its footprint again in 2020 to Dunn, NC where it opened its 21st location and Peterbilt's 400th in history. 

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