Your Peterbilt Parts Lookup, the Fleet ECAT

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The Peterbilt parts catalog system now uses vehicle maintenance reporting and standard (VMRS) codes for easier truck part searches. The ECAT system, a web-based application, makes searching easier in a number of industry-leading ways:

  • Provides lists for Peterbilt truck parts with exploded view diagrams and VMRS codes
  • Offers cross-referencing options to allow for easy identification of TRP aftermarket truck partspeterbilt-service-counter-appointment

    Why is the Fleet ECAT a favorite tool for TLG Peterbilt customers? 

    To put it simply, it just makes life easier. Customers can sign up for access to the ECAT by contacting any Peterbilt parts department or through PACCAR Fleet Service. With all Peterbilt truck parts listed in the ECAT, fleet owners and drivers can discover details about any given part, right down to alternate part selections should the original become obsolete.

    Exact Peterbilt part numbers and other specs are readily available so you can place your orders and continue on with your busy day.

    Our technicians use the catalog to ensure the correct Peterbilt truck parts are found even if they sometimes have different names. As we’ve built our business over the years, we’ve worked to alleviate problems customers run into when trying to order Peterbilt truck parts, be it not knowing if a particular part requires additional parts before it can be serviced or if they’re feeling foggy on whether a part is even still being manufactured.

    Peterbilt Truck Parts and TRP Aftermarket Truck Parts

    Access to the Peterbilt Truck Parts ECAT is as fun for gearheads as it is convenient for folks in a hurry. No matter what kind of customer you are, though, ECAT makes it far easier to study how ever-more complicated electronics and the resulting wiring systems and harnesses have impacted the evolution of Peterbilt. TLG’s Peterbilt parts catalog contains detailed schematics on our currently stocked trucks with cross-references to original chassis records dating back all the way to 1978.

    Truck fleet services customers, parts countermen, servicemen, and our own engineers can search for Peterbilt parts by keyword or known part number to then view expanded, interactive diagrams and information about related aftermarket truck parts. It doesn’t get more detailed—or easier!—than that.

Questions About Our Peterbilt Parts Lookup?

Questions About Our Peterbilt Parts Lookup?

Let one of our knowledgeable TLG representatives help out.

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