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Paving the road for your success with our commercial truck rental options, The Larson Group will keep your business running and your deliveries on-time when one of your own trucks are on down-time. We know from experience what it costs when a driver can’t hit the road. Our commercial and truck rentals will eradicate lost earning potential by increasing your fleet uptime during unforeseeable events.

When you choose TLG Leasing for truck rental or tractor trailer rental, you benefit from nationwide emergency road service, available permitting, and interstate licensing. TLG Leasing offers a variety of quality commercial truck rental and trailer rental solutions, including these popular Peterbilt rental trucks:

aerodynamic-peterbilt-model-579 peterbilt-model-386-red-sleeper-truck-1 peterbilt-day-cab-model-337
Model 579 Sleeper & Daycab Model 386 Sleeper & Daycab  Model 337 Daycab
box-truck-220-straight-truck vocational-truck-peterbilt-model-567 straight-box-truck-model-337
Model 220 for Drivers without a CDL Vocational Model 567 Straight Truck Model 337

With a personal fleet consultation, TLG helps you to build a custom spec'd medium or heavy duty truck to meet the applications needed from your equipment. We focus on maximizing the efficiency of your fleet by considering payload capacity, horsepower, weight, height and length, turning radius, and much more. With a wide range of configurations that are available, you can work closely with a sales rep and our in-house engineer for the right truck and pricing. We have over the road heavy duty and medium duty leasing and rentals available by appointment. 

Get started with TLG's truck rental services.

Get started with TLG's truck rental services.

From heavy duty truck rental to tractor trailer rental, we're ready to get you on the road. Give us a call now to get started.

The Larson Group Difference

TLG Peterbilt's focus on excellent service extends to its heavy duty truck rental offerings for its customers.

Michael Paganini

From Our Company

TLG takes care of you like you should be taken care of, like a family.

-Michael Paganini

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Full Service Leasing

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