Trucking Entertainment Video Hub Features Springfield Dealership In Premiering Show

The Larson Group’s Springfield dealership will be on an episode of “Trucker Traders,” premiering on the first-ever video streaming network for trucking enthusiasts.  

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Dec. 28) – Several Midwest truck dealerships will be featured on the nation’s first -ever video streaming service focused solely on the trucking industry and Peterbilt of Springfield, headquarters of The Larson Group (TLG) Peterbilt, is among them.

Like well-known entertainment companies Netflix and Hulu Plus, Transportation Nation Network (TNN), based in Little Rock, Ark., is also available for streaming from virtually any electronic device. The twist is, it offers nothing but original shows and featured videos for trucking enthusiasts.

TNN Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Micah Jackson said, “We could not be more excited to bring the trucking community a new and fresh way to experience the transportation business and lifestyle. Providing entertaining, educational and inspiring video programming to those who contribute so much to our economy and way of life will always be our highest priority.”

The launch of the network will commence January 1, while eight TNN originals, including “Truckerville” and “The Driver’s Lounge,” will make their debut throughout the month as well on

Peterbilt of Springfield can be seen on the premiering season of “Trucker Traders,” which captures the journey of first-time and experienced truck buyers.

The episode, which will be available to stream January 17, features local TLG customers Glen and Karla Horack and their experience with Springfield New Truck Salesman Randy Angus.

“The experience was brief, but it was everything I expected it to be in a good way,” Angus said. “Talking to the network’s crew felt like talking to folks you’ve known for a long time.”

The on-demand episode featuring TLG will give you the full experience of the Horack’s Peterbilt purchase, including the test drive, weighing the pros and cons and interacting with Angus from start to finish.  

Watch the trailer here.

"The entire TLG team was awesome to work with! They showed our cast and crew warm hospitality and professionalism,” Jackson said. “We appreciate all they did to make the debut episode of ‘Trucker Traders’ outstanding. We hope to continue working with TLG on future episodes of ‘Trucker Traders.’"

Angus said of the filming session, “It was obvious that TNN strives to represent the trucking industry, not just in the Midwest, but on a national level. It’s not what a lot of people think – it’s ever-changing, a lot of science and truly a backbone for the economy.”

Viewers of will be able to enjoy much of its content at no cost. Premium subscription packages will also be available for as little as $6.99/month, which offers viewers limited or no commercial interruption, along with unlimited access to content and exclusive “subscriber only” episodes.

To watch, log on to and choose between a FREE or paid subscription user account and begin watching and enjoying Transportation Nation Network programming.

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