Peterbilt Dealership, The Larson Group, Acquires Numerous Popular Peterbilt Locations

After purchasing Southeast Atlantic Peterbilt, TLG Peterbilt now serves customers from 18 Peterbilt dealership stores, including four locations in the Carolinas.


Springfield, Mo. June 14, 2016—The Larson Group (TLG) Peterbilt today announced the recent acquisition of the Southeast Atlantic Peterbilt dealership, which includes three Peterbilt locations in the Carolinas. The most recent TLG expansion—finalized on April 1, 2016—comes on the heels of the dealer group purchasing Peterbilt of Charlotte last year and establishes TLG Peterbilt stores in Raleigh, North Carolina and in both Florence and Harleyville, South Carolina. The continual growth of TLG Peterbilt reflects the company’s commitment to steadily improve its already unrivaled customer service. “With each Peterbilt dealership location we gain, The Larson Group family of experts grows, putting us in an even better position to support our customers—when and where they need us,” said TLG President and Dealer Principal Glenn Larson.

Now totaling 18 Peterbilt locations throughout the Midwest and into the South, TLG is more than equipped to meet the needs of the drivers and fleet owners who rely on the dealer group’s personalized service to keep their trucks on the road. TLG personnel recognize the importance of providing readily available truck parts, repairs and fleet maintenance services along major trucking lanes, as indicated by investments (over many years) in Peterbilt stores strategically located on major interstates such as I26, I40, I85 and I95 in the Carolinas as well as I44, I49, I70, I255 in the Midwest.

While TLG representatives are renowned for attentive service and expertise, the dealership also remains a leading supplier of customizable Peterbilt day cab and sleeper trucks as well as best in class municipal and vocational Peterbilts. Both fleet owners and individual drivers often turn to TLG for in house financing or full service leasing options, which let them maintain optimally running vehicles without taking on unnecessary risks. The combination of stellar service and so many customerpleasing options resulted in TLG earning the 2015 Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year.

When acquiring new Peterbilt locations, protecting TLG customers by maintaining an awardwinning level of service is crucial to Larson and his colleagues. They also embrace the opportunity to welcome qualified technicians and sales representatives to the team whenever possible. “Before bringing any dealership under the TLG flag, we ensure the store is well respected for reliable service, and we verify that each employee who will join us is extremely knowledgeable and friendly,” said Larson. He added that TLG leadership then works directly with each location’s management to “build on a great base by training individuals on TLG service standards and implementing our proven systems.” The effectiveness of TLG’s careful onboarding process will be evident to anyone who stops by their newest locations, Peterbilt of Charlotte and the three Southeast Atlantic Peterbilt stores.


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