The Larson Group Reduces Days Out of Service for Fleet Maintenance Customers

In 2013, The Larson Group implemented a Service Relationship Management (SRM) platforms for fleet maintenance from Decisiv, Inc., the leading provider of SRM's in the nation. The instillation of the SRM platforms throughout all of TLG's Service Departments improves internal service management processes to enhance communication and collaboration with fleet maintenance customers.

"Decisiv's SRM technology has simplified internal communications and streamlined business processes by filling in the gaps between our various systems," said Ismael Hernandez, IT director at The Larson Group. "The platform complements our existing systems by consolidating multiple processes, and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for pencil and paper, and for a lot of phone calls. With Decisiv we can perform service and repair work more effectively by enhancing productivity in our shops. It is an extremely powerful technology."

Brian Mitchell, service manager at The Larson Group's Peterbilt of Springfield location in Strafford, Missouri, said the Decisiv platform has helped keep technicians and parts staff on the same page. "Since we began using the Decisiv SRM solution we've come to rely on it to integrate our service management processes," he stated. "We're looking forward to doing more with the platform and would be totally onboard to use Decisiv exclusively."

"With a 24/7 operation that includes 37 technicians and 14 foremen, service writers and administrative staff there is a lot happening around the clock in our shop," Mitchell added. "That posed a real challenge with internal and external communication, which is solved by having the Decisiv platform as a central place to communicate, where information is always available to everyone during service events."

All service locations now use the Decisiv platform to manage every job in the shop with the SRM technology. In the multi-shift, 24/7 operations, the solution is used to monitor and manage work status, communicate with customers, order parts and track repairs. Repair orders for every job are being created on the platform, even before a truck arrives at a facility, and technician notes on diagnoses and parts needs, and estimates and approvals are now tied to each service case, rather than kept in separate systems. The platform is also integrated with the dealer group's Customer Relationship Management application, accounting software and its Karmak dealer management and billing system.

"Along with its highly trained technicians and shops equipped with the latest diagnostic, service and repair tools, The Larson Group now has a greater ability with our Service Relationship Management platform to reduce Days Out of Service and improve Return on Assets for their fleet maintenance customers," said Dick Hyatt, president and CEO of Decisiv. "With the platform there is no breakdown in communication and nothing falls through the cracks so The Larson Group can improve their revenue and profitability as well as dramatically enhancing service levels for their customers."

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