TLG Leasing Announces Locations in Four States

TLG Leasing is excited to announce the expansion of its services to four new locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and Indiana. The leasing and rental arm of The Larson Group is now fully operational at TLG Peterbilt – Greensboro, TLG Peterbilt – South Bend, TLG Peterbilt – Charleston, and TLG Peterbilt – Dayton. High customer demand influenced the decision to expand the award-winning team into these locations and provide its exceptional service to new customers. 

"The interest in these cities for TLG Leasing services was high, so we’re thrilled to be able to expand our program and meet that demand,” Director and Vice President of TLG Leasing Mike Napoliello said. “Our team is ready and available to help customers succeed and provide the exceptional service we’re known for.” 

TLG Leasing and Rental is one of the fastest-growing truck leasing and rental companies in the transportation industry providing quality trucks with customized specifications to meet the needs of customers. All TLG Leasing and rental services will be available at the new locations. 

TLG Leasing and Rental services include: 

  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Full-Service Leasing 
  • Commercial Truck Rental 
  • Contract Maintenance 

With the addition of the four new locations, TLG Leasing is now located at a total of 15 TLG Peterbilt facilities in eight states including: 

  • TLG Peterbilt – Fort Smith 
  • TLG Peterbilt – NW Arkansas 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Springfield 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Mid-America 
  • TLG Peterbilt – St. Louis 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Cincinnati 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Great Lakes 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Charlotte 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Louisville 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Evansville 
  • TLG Peterbilt – N. Kentucky 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Greensboro (NEW) 
  • TLG Peterbilt – South Bend (NEW) 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Charleston (NEW) 
  • TLG Peterbilt – Dayton (NEW) 

To learn more about the services offered, contact the TLG Leasing team today.

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