The Larson Group Takes Steps to Offer Not-for-Profits, Municipalities Bid-Free Peterbilt Truck Purchasing Through Prestigious Partnership

The Larson Group will offer municipalities and not-for-profit organizations direct truck purchasing through Peterbilt Motors’ partnership with the National Joint Powers Alliance.

The Larson Group (TLG), a Peterbilt truck dealer with 21 facilities located in several states and headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, has signed up to partake in a prestigious new partnership between TLG’s OEM manufacturer, Peterbilt Motors Company, and the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA). The partnership will give municipalities and not-for-profit organizations the benefit of purchasing Peterbilt trucks without undergoing a traditional bidding process. The program also enables vendors to purchase trucks directly from dealer stock at pre-negotiated discount prices.

As a participating dealer, all of The Larson Group’s Peterbilt dealership locations will offer a simplified truck purchasing process for NJPA members—comprised of municipalities and not-for-profit organizations. On top of avoiding traditional bidding processes, NJPA members who buy trucks through TLG are likely to enjoy an even quicker purchase thanks to the company’s dedication to maintaining a robust inventory of premium trucks and tractors at all times.

“TLG maintains an aggressive stocking program, which means our Peterbilt dealerships typically have more than 100 vocational trucks and 100 tractors in stock at any given time,” said TLG Director of Medium Duty and Vocational Trucks Shawn Yancey. He continued, “All of our locations will be able to provide incredibly quick turnarounds for NJPA members who are ready to purchase trucks on the spot.”

By offering premium municipal trucks, vocational trucks and other vehicles that suit their customers’ needs, TLG aims to offer existing and would-be NJPA members something else in addition to coveted time and money savings: a valued relationship.

“Along with other Peterbilt Motors Company dealers across the nation, TLG’s primary goal is to bring award-winning customer service and product availability to members of NJPA at our Peterbilt locations,” said Yancey. “By having trucks on the ground and specs at the ready, we can quickly get them back to what really matters to them, which is helping their respective communities and causes.”

About the Partnership Program

NJPA maintains a roster of more than 200 vendor contracts, all of which are negotiated at the OEM level. All contracts operate under “Joint Exercise of Powers” laws, which allow two entities to work together to develop cooperative purchasing agreements that in turn give local municipalities and organizations the option to purchase from said contracts without soliciting multiple bids. The legislation supporting NJPA ultimately allows its members to save time and money when procuring necessary assets and services.

About The National Joint Powers Alliance

Established in 1978, The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) is a public agency that cultivates a business and service relationship alliance between buyers and suppliers. NJPA maintains more than $2 billion in annual contracts as well as over 50,000 members that benefit from time and money savings through the agency’s efforts to consolidate solicitations into one cooperative process. While membership is free and without obligation, it is limited to municipalities and not-for-profit agencies. For more information, visit


From left to right: NJPA Contract Administrator Tony Glenz, NJPA Contract Administration Specialist Kelly Pearson, Peterbilt Motors Company Marketing Program Manager Cynthia Murphy, and Peterbilt Motors Company National Fleet Sales Manager Joe Curran (Photo provided by NJPA).

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