The Larson Group Peterbilt Unveils New Logo, Unified Naming Across 18 Dealerships

Along with a more contemporary logo, the dealer network changed the names of its 18 Peterbilt locations across the Midwest and Southeast to incorporate its abbreviation, “TLG”.

The Larson Group (TLG) Peterbilt, a Peterbilt dealer network with locations in eight states, recently rolled out several brand and location name updates. The branding changes are in response to the company’s significant growth over the past several years.

Establishing Unity and Recognition Across Locations

Throughout its 33 years in business, TLG Peterbilt has experienced rapid growth as a Peterbilt dealership network that offers new and used Peterbilt trucks, high-quality parts and accessories, and award-winning customer service and sales. In an effort to establish cohesive naming and brand recognition among its current and future dealership locations, all locations received the same naming update to include “TLG Peterbilt”. Stores can be differentiated with a hyphen and its identifiable location (such as TLG Peterbilt – Cincinnati) or current nickname (such as TLG Peterbilt – Great Lakes).

For customers, these naming updates will not change the quality of their award-winning purchasing and service experience with any of the 18 TLG Peterbilt dealership locations.

“Creating a more unified identity and connecting ourselves by the TLG Peterbilt name strengthens our ability to provide even better first-class service throughout all of our stores,” said Glenn Larson, President.

A Contemporary Logo to Ring in a New Decade

In celebration of TLG Peterbilt’s unprecedented growth over the past several years, the company also unveiled an updated logo design that has a cleaner, more contemporary look due to a slightly modified color palette and modern typography. The logo’s redevelopment came after careful consideration, conversation, and collaboration among the Larson family along with the design work of Mostly Serious, a full-service digital agency that has partnered with TLG Peterbilt since 2015.

“TLG’s visual identity was created before it knew the impact it would have on the industry,” said Stephanie Cowdrey, TLG Peterbilt’s marketing manager. “This project allowed us to sit down with our leadership team, really focus on the brand, and approach it in a more thoughtful way. The long process resulted in a logo we found to be essentially timeless and a standardized name that reflects who we really are. We’re thrilled to be starting the decade off with this brand refresh.”

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