Several TLG Peterbilt Service Locations Awarded Platinum Service Center Status

Peterbilt Motors Company recently announced that 71 facilities across the nation achieved the coveted status, 13 of which were TLG Peterbilt service locations.

The Larson Group Peterbilt (TLG), a Peterbilt dealership company, recently received Peterbilt Motors Company’s Platinum Service Center status for 13 of its 17 service locations. The Platinum Service certification process is stringent and based on several customer-facing performance factors.

Vice President of Service, Paul Joplin, said, “We could not be more proud of our technicians. They work tirelessly for our customers and truly set the bar for excellence in our industry.”

Contributing Factors to Sought-After Recognition

At the 2020 Dealer Meeting earlier this year, Peterbilt Motors Company described the stringent factors that TLG’s 13 locations met in order to earn the Platinum Service recognition. These factors include but are not limited to the availability of world-class facilities and driver’s lounges, expanded service hours, excellent parts availability, and employment of certified PACCAR MX engine technicians.

These factors were measured in a points-based score sheet. The average score for all 71 locations was 50 points; the majority of TLG’s Platinum Service locations exceeded the 50 point average. The highest-earning TLG location was TLG Peterbilt — Great Lakes, located in Portage, In.

Other contributing factors TLG’s Peterbilt dealership locations scored well on include average service hours of 92 hours per week (13% higher than area competitors), an average call center acceptance rate of 93.8%, and a low average dwell time of just 2.5 days.

Showcasing the Platinum Service Center Status

All 13 of TLG’s Platinum Service Center recipients will receive a special designation in Peterbilt Motors Company’s Dealer Locator as well as an in-store plaque.

“These are outstanding results and the locations are setting the standard for our network,” said Peterbilt Motors Company in an official statement on its website

TLG Peterbilt Platinum Service Centers:

  • TLG Peterbilt - Great Lakes
  • TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
  • TLG Peterbilt - NW Arkansas
  • TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
  • TLG Peterbilt - Louisville
  • TLG Peterbilt - N. Kentucky
  • TLG Peterbilt - Springfield
  • TLG Peterbilt - Charlotte
  • TLG Peterbilt - Fort Smith
  • TLG Peterbilt - Raleigh
  • TLG Peterbilt - Evansville
  • TLG Peterbilt - Charleston
  • TLG Peterbilt - Joplin

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