Quick Tips to Help Extend Your Battery Life

Originally by Peterbilt Parts and Service

Maintaining your battery appropriately with the same testing, checks, and maintenance during both the icy winter months and the scorching summer months is essential. Just like cold weather, hot weather also places significant demands on batteries. 


During scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) check and confirm the following: 

  • Battery connections are clean and free of debris. 
  • Battery connections are tight. Hold-downs are properly secured. 
  • Confirm that the battery pack is fully charged. 
  • Opportunity charging is also advised. 
  • Be sure to check cable connections at the battery and alternator. Rust and/or corrosion will affect how the battery charges. 


When the battery pack is tested look for the following factors: 
  • State of charge of the battery pack 
                   State-of-charge value is determined if the battery is in a testable state or to estimate how long charging will take. 
  • Hold-downs and battery connections are securely fastened. 
  • If the battery pack is found to be in a discharged state, the batteries should be fully recharged and tested with either a load or conductance tester. 
                   Midtronics is one type of conductance tester. 
  • Be sure to check what loads are being used and how much power is being taken by the additional use of air conditioning during the summer months. 

In need of Preventative Maintenance? 

Our TLG parts and service teams have you covered. Buy the parts you need at your local TLG Peterbilt and schedule Preventative Maintenance services that can help extend your battery life and keep you on the road.

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