Peterbilt of Charlotte Commemorates Panther's NFC Championship Win

We are still upwards of 5 months away from the opening of the next football season, but we are already getting anxious in the office. The country always seems to be split on college football vs NFL, but somewhere right near the dividing line, our Charlotte dealership, have one team on their minds: The Panthers.

 This season, as most seasons, was full of up and downs. There was a golden moment though, between the NFC Championship, and The Super Bowl, when everything was perfect. Cam Newton had lead his team to a blow out win over the Cardinals. Everything was setting up for a win in Santa Clara.

 So the guys at the Peterbilt of Charlotte dealership had an idea; Create a truck commemorating this year’s win as the NFC Champion. James Fisher, a salesman at Peterbilt of Charlotte, found the exact Panther Blue: Process Blue C. He took the paint code to Peterbilt Corporate, where they obliged to help. They went with black fenders and NFL licensed decals for the truck.

 It is still on display at Peterbilt of Charlotte, so if you are in their neck of the woods, stop in and check it out. If you are a die hard fan, maybe pick it up for your own collection!



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