Peterbilt Dealerships Enrolling Career-Seekers In Free Program, Paycheck Included

The incentive program offers eight service mastery levels as well as records of completion for TLG Peterbilt's team of diesel technicians.

The Larson Group, a Peterbilt dealership company with 20 locations across the greater Midwest region, recently announced it has enacted a service department achievement program for its team of diesel technicians. The program covers all Peterbilt dealership locations and requires completion of eight six-month training segments, although participants can advance based on their individual experience levels.

An Overview of the Program

The Larson Group’s new achievement program for its technicians, which applies to 17 of the company’s Peterbilt locations, outlines a basic apprenticeship that is flexible enough to accommodate the service offerings of each Peterbilt dealership location as well as participating technicians’ initial skill level.

It is composed of eight apprentice levels, each of which takes six months to complete. At the completion of each level, participating technicians will enjoy a pay increase based on a percentage of the participating location’s base journeyman rate so long as an average efficiency level is achieved. 

Although the program’s participating diesel technicians may be experienced enough to skip one level at a time throughout their apprenticeship (pending their manager's approval), a minimum of two and a half years in the program is required.

An Eye for Employee Attraction and Retention

The Larson Group Peterbilt has set itself apart in recent years as a company dedicated to award-winning customer service, an important facet of which is attracting and retaining highly qualified employees in all departments. By seeking out passionate technicians who may or may not have advanced knowledge or experience about diesel technology, TLG’s new service department achievement program will prepare participants with the expertise and ability required to provide an outstanding customer service experience for its customers.

TLG Director of Service Paul Joplin explained, “The Larson Group wants to connect with our local communities, discovering talent and being a great community partner to provide jobs and ideal training.” He continued, “If hard-working folks aren’t sure about going to college, this is an option that gets them a skillset and a paycheck at the same time.”

Each TLG Peterbilt dealership location’s participation in the service department achievement program comes on the heels of a few other recent program rollouts. One of these programs, TLG Guru, provides customers with convenient over-the-road truck and fleet maintenance updates at any time of day or night. TLG also recently signed on to participate in a new partnership between its OEM manufacturer, Peterbilt Motors Company, and the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) to provide bid-free Peterbilt truck purchasing for not-for-profit organizations and municipalities.

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