PAM Transport Delivering Wreaths To Ft. Sam Houston In Special 2018 Peterbilts

PAM Transport, Inc. revealed four new 2018 Peterbilt trucks in its fleet on Wednesday, December 6 at their corporate offices located at 297 W. Henri de Tonti Blvd. in Tontitown, Arkansas to honor the men and women of the United States military, past and present.

Each truck has been wrapped in a custom, branch-specific mural, and will be piloted by service members from the respective branch.

“The place our military veterans hold in the history of America, their courage, and their sacrifices cannot be overstated," said Dan Cushman, President and CEO of PAM Transport, INC, who was a speaker at the event. "We’re proud of our troops, and we’re proud to have military veterans at the helm of these trucks.”

Immediately following the unveiling ceremony at PAM Transport headquarters, well-known for being longtime military supporters, the drivers departed on their first assignment: to pick up four truckloads of wreaths from the Worcester Wreath Co. in Columbia Falls, Maine, to be delivered and placed on the headstones of our national heroes at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, December 16th, 2017.

Representatives from The Larson Group – Peterbilt,, The American Legion, VFW and others were in attendance for the unveiling at PAM Transport headquarters. 

This project has been a combined effort between The Larson Group – Peterbilt who provided the graphic wrap service, PAM Transport’s military veterans who created the mural designs, and Ryan Ritchie of who provided the mural centerpieces for each truck.

“We are our military’s and veterans’ biggest supporters," said Glenn Larson, President and CEO of The Larson Group. "Our team is honored to have had the opportunity to take part in a project as powerful as this. These trucks are meaningful to us, and they are meaningful to the men and women who give and have given so much.”

“Peterbilt has a long history of supporting our nation’s veterans. Their dedication and courage are the foundation of our country. We are proud to support PAM in this initiative and take great pride in having these veterans behind the wheel of a Peterbilt,” said Kyle Quinn, General Manager of Peterbilt Motors Company.

Ryan Ritchie wirth said, "It has been a great honor to be involved in this process with PAM Transport, Inc. We are thrilled to be able to serve our veterans in any way possible and we look forward to seeing these designs which honor our service men and women as they travel across America."

SOURCE: PAM Transport, INC.

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Photos from the event:

Prior to the reveal.

PAM Transport, Inc. President & CEO Dan Cushman alongside his organization's new 2018 Peterbilt trucks.

PAM Transport's Vice President of Maintenace Paul Petit and The Larson Group's Shawn Smith.

The Larson Group's Shawn Smith and Dan Cushman.

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