Meet the electrifying Peterbilt Model 579EV

Peterbilt Motors Company and The Larson Group (TLG) Peterbilt are Leading the Charge into alternative powertrain offerings with a revolutionary Electric Vehicle lineup. At the front line is the Model 579EV, a high performance zero emissions vehicle ready to pave the way for environmentally conscious customers. 

As drivers turned dealers, we know there is much to consider when purchasing a new Peterbilt truck that complements the needs of your business. It’s why we’re here to break down the information you need about the Model 579EV so you can make the best choice. 

The Model 579EV is a Class 8 truck with a battery-electric drive system that uses the energy stored in large packs of lithium iron phosphate batteries to meet propulsion and other power requirements. The all-electric powertrain’s battery packs provide an estimated range of 150 miles making it perfect for short local and regional hauls. Regenerative braking transfers energy back into the battery packs to extend the operating range and reduce brake pad wear. 

Technical Highlights 

  • GCWR: 82,000 lbs. 
  • Continuous Power Rating: 536 hp 
  • Energy Storage Capacity: 400 kWh 
  • Battery Recharge Time: 3 hours 

Our sales team is ready to help you start the journey into the future with the Model 579EV. Contact them today to learn more or request a quote. 

Are you ready to see for yourself how the Model 579EV is revolutionizing the roads? 

Join TLG Peterbilt at one of our upcoming 579EV Open House Events which will feature a 579EV Showcase Experience, multiple vendors, exclusive deals and more. It will be a great way to see the 579EV in person and learn how the TLG team can support your EV truck needs: 

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