Download TLG Peterbilt's COVID-19 Precautions List

We wanted to let you know that TLG Peterbilt is taking measures to prevent COVID-19 and ?u related illnesses from spreading. We are still open with normal hours until further notice. Let’s work together to keep your travel safe. This is what we're doing to help combat this:

  • Your trucks are being sanitized after every completed ?x. We’re wiping down your door handles, steering wheels, dashboards and elsewhere.
  • We’re cleaning, cleaning and cleaning much more. Every ?at surface, door knob, bathroom, counter and all the crevices are being cleaned regularly.
  • We're encouraging local parts delivery and shipping. Plus, we offer alternative shopping methods if you prefer not to purchase in-person.
  • We’re limiting in-person meetings. Most of our sales staff is now primarily working with customers via email and phone. Please consider alternative methods to connect with any department.
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