Class Leading Technology You Can Find in Your Peterbilt

As a leader in smart technology for the trucking industry, Peterbilt Motors Company has introduced multiple technology systems and features designed for driver comfort, safety, and convenience, keeping customers on the road with confidence. As technology continues to advance, Peterbilt trucks advance with it, making Peterbilt trucks a top choice for drivers across the country. 

For example, the newest Model 589 integrates smart technology and luxurious interior features to achieve max driver comfortability and safety, making it the perfect home away from home for drivers everywhere. Peterbilt fully integrates its smart technology like the 15” digital display with safety and electrical systems seamlessly so you can stay connected and safe on the road. Here are just a few of the smart technology systems Peterbilt offers: 


Standard on all Peterbilt models, SmartLINQ maximizes your uptime through remote Diagnostics technology that monitors over 900 diagnostic systems codes and provides customizable, real-time notifications through the PACCAR Solutions web portal. When an issue arises, SmartLINQ supports you by providing possible solutions and service recommendations and the locations of nearby Peterbilt dealerships so you can get back on the road quickly, eliminating downtime and maximizing profitability. 

Not to mention, the SmartLINQ app is available for iOS Platforms and Android users, giving you even more convenience. 


We know how important comfortability is to drivers. Peterbilt’s SmartAir, no-idle, battery-based system helps keep you cool and comfortable for up to 10 hours and can also be paired with a fuel-fire sleeper heater. You can control the SmartAir system with an easy reach while reducing fuel costs and minimizing your carbon footprint. 


Eager to stay connected while you’re on the road? SmartNav is an advanced infotainment system loved by drivers everywhere for its easy-to-use touchscreen capabilities, precise GPS navigation, and real-time road and vehicle monitoring. SmartNav’s integrated navigation system can help guide you through your optimal route with ease based on the conditions of your truck and route obstacles. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi to your SmartNav and easily scroll through multiple communication features designed to help drivers stay connected and reduce distractions on the road, keeping everyone safe. 

Collision Mitigation 

Challenging driving conditions are an unfortunate part of being a truck driver, but with Peterbilt’s Collision Mitigation Technology you’re equipped with an added layer of protection when you’re driving. Available on Heavy and Medium-duty Peterbilt trucks, this collision mitigation technology helps keep you safe with radar and camera technology through advanced software logic and powertrain integration. 

Key features of Peterbilt’s collision mitigation system include enhanced autonomous emergency braking technology that determines when a collision with a detected vehicle is likely to occur. With enough warning time, the system begins kicking in an alert and automatically working to mitigate or lessen the severity of a collision. 

Ready for an upgrade? 

When you purchase a Peterbilt truck with TLG Peterbilt, we’ll make sure you’re an expert in the smart technologies offered in your Peterbilt so you can utilize the incredible systems it has to offer. 

Ready to experience all of what a new Peterbilt can offer? Contact our New Trucks Sales team for more information.

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