Award-Winning Parts and Service Dealer, TLG Peterbilt, Launches Messaging-Driven Online Shopping Experience for Customers

The Larson Group, a leading provider of Peterbilt parts and trucks, kicked off the new year by unveiling a new online purchasing platform complete with live chat functionality.

Springfield, Mo. – Family-owned full service dealer group, TLG Peterbilt, recently celebrated the implementation of chat and texting services for its truck inventory advertised with Truck Paper. Expanding the chat platform from its dealer website to include its Truck Paper inventory is slated to become a valuable resource for both the award-winning company and its customers across the nation.

The Larson Group (TLG), which specializes in providing quality Peterbilt parts, trucks and related services, expects to see the updated online truck inventory quickly become a trusted source of new and used Peterbilt truck listings for customers near and far, according to Vice President of Used Truck Sales Kevin Larson.

“We recognize that customers actively search for trucks through publications such as Truck Paper and their website, but they still have questions when looking over specs and photos,” said Larson. “By partnering with Truck Paper to implement the chat platform on our advertised inventory, we are providing an improved customer experience that mirrors the same direct service we have created on our main dealer site,”

Real-Time Messaging Integration

The refreshed dealer listings add to TLG’s award-winning Peterbilt services by featuring a location-based live chat and text service that customers can take advantage of any time of day or night. The chat service, generated by messaging platform Contact At Once!, is accessible on every individual truck listing page and will primarily be managed by TLG’s expert dealership representatives. Additionally, the messaging service will be accessible as both a traditional desktop chat service and via text messaging, depending on whether the user visits the site via desktop or mobile device.

According to Contact At Once! Senior Marketing Director Therese Aleman, about 70 percent of shoppers who message TLG’s dealership teams are likely to do so during the research and shopping phase of the purchasing process. “The primary benefit of incorporating Contact At Once! into TLG’s newly configured Truck Paper pages is twofold: first, it makes it easier for prospective customers to take the step in purchasing a new or used truck,” said Aleman. “Second, it helps those customers get their most important questions answered, which allows TLG’s expert team to lock in sales and keep customers for life.”

Aleman said the chat service will also be a pivotal tool for as many as one-third of customers when it comes to scheduling commercial truck repair appointments and finalizing other purchasing details.

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