All You Need To Know About the Peterbilt Vocational Lineup

Built to get even the toughest jobs done right, Peterbilt vocational trucks are reliable, durable, and versatile performers drivers love. With multiple models to choose from, we’ve broken down the highlights so you can find which one is the best fit for your demanding application. 

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Model 567 

Tough tasks are no match for the Model 567. Designed to be used for dump trucks, heavy haul, construction, oil field, and other demanding jobs, the Model 567 has a configurable interface with critical truck system information, advanced alerts and monitoring, and many other features that helps drivers tear through the toughest tracks. 

With its large windshield and cab-mounted mirrors for greater visibility for work sites, the Model 567 is rugged and reliable. The 15-inch configurable digital display gives drivers a snapshot of critical truck systems information like collision mitigation alerts and tire pressure monitoring. 

Hard braking? No problem, the Model 567 comes standard with 6S6M Anti-Lock Brakes for added safety which helps prevent wheel slippage and lockup. The integrated system also includes programable safety interlocks and backup and seat belt alarms for drivers. 

Key exterior features include: 

  • The 3-Piece Metton Hood 
  • Enhanced Visibility 
  • Stainless Steel Crown and Grille 
  • Aluminum Cab 
  • High-Capacity Frame

Model 520 

For demanding vocation industries like refuse, concrete pumper, paint striper, and more, the Model 520 offers operational excellence with a focus on body installation efficiency. With its distinctive Peterbilt style, the Model 520 seamlessly prioritizes ergonomics and safety features like easy-to-access controls, a redesigned gauge cluster, and knurled exterior grab handles for a perfectly-in-sync ride for drivers. 

Additional features include: 

  • LED headlamps and electronic stability control (ESC)
  • 90-degree door opening for convenient cab access 
  • Options for right-hand drive, left-hand drive, right-hand stand-up and left-hand sit/right-hand stand-up configurations 

The Model 520 is also available as the Model 520EV, the zero emissions commercial and residential refuse solution.

Model 537 

Built for uptime with its durable design, the Peterbilt 537 features a customizable chassis and multiplex electrical architecture. With its seamless body builder integration, you can spec your 537 truck to what your job demands. 

As part of the Medium Duty lineup, the 537 is versatile and has two cab roof heights, three hood configurations, through rail option, and a variety of bumper and electrical wiring options. Not to mention, it features a 7” digital display, collision mitigation, stability control and side object detection, giving drivers a safe drive and important information at a glance. 

It’s suite of technologies and comfortable three-person seating make the Model 537 not only a quieter ride, but also gives drivers the ideal environment for productivity.

Model 548 

Designed with a wide range of options to fit any configuration, the Model 548 is built for the big jobs in the vocational market. With a wide range of options including roof height, hood length, and suspension options, the Model 548 is a versatile performer and features seamless body integration with its multiplex electrical system. 

Features include: 

  • All-aluminum cab for durability 
  • Spacious interior 
  • Customizable dash 
  • Three-person seating
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