Contract Fleet Maintenance Services

Use TLG as your on-the-road fleet maintenance manager and retain vehicle ownership without investing crucial capital on managing the show yourself.

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Custom Fleet Services

The Larson Group offers fleet maintenance management and custom fleet services so you can focus on other matters. When you outsource fleet services to TLG, you’ve got an experienced over the road fleet maintenance manager at the helm. You’ll retain vehicle ownership without tying up capital or literally trying to manage too many moving parts.

What's Included

Our Contract Maintenance and custom fleet services provide clear benefits:

  • Increased equipment complexity
  • Emphasis on technician training
  • Eliminated costs for new tooling and diagnostic equipment
  • Removal of the need to hire and retain maintenance employees
  • Cost efficiency, including time and materials, or monthly flat-fee programs
  • Customized vehicle maintenance reports to track costs

TLG will assign a dedicated fleet maintenance manager to set up an in-house maintenance program for you and handle hiring, training, and retention of technicians who maintain the custom fleet services and maintenance you need. Let TLG help select the perfect schedule and programs available to best fit the model and condition of each truck in your fleet. Not only do our fleet maintenance services come with predictable, budget-friendly payment plans, but they save you much-needed time and effort so you can get back to what really matters—operating your business.


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TLG Peterbilt's contract fleet maintenance services will help you track and lower costs. Reach out to get started.


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Additional Information

TLG Leasing offers consultation on lease purchase trucks with no need to sign the commercial truck lease agreement first.

Full Service Leasing

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Enjoy the consistency of a set monthly payment from a full service commercial truck lease agreement with TLG based on a combination of services for lease purchase trucks. Custom spec'd premium truck leasing increases your delivery reliability, free-up your working capital, and allows you to focus on your core business needs among many other benefits.

Lease Options
A commercial truck lease agreement with TLG Leasing includes preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

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Keep your lease purchase trucks in optimal shape for reliable delivery schedule and happy customers. TLG manages your preventative maintenance needs as part of your commercial truck lease agreement or as a stand-alone service. Our factory-trained technicians will catch problems before minor repair needs become major, saving your money by preventing and organizing foreseeable downtime.

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Fleet owners without a commercial truck lease agreement often need to rent trucks from TLG Leasing.

Commercial Truck Rental

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Flexible commercial truck rental solutions with Peterbilt trucks. Seasonal business spikes, new market opportunities, and vehicle breakdowns is no problem with our available commercial truck rentals. We offer flexible truck rental solutions to keep your drivers on the road and protect your brand image. With premium Peterbilt trucks from class 5 to 8 ready to roll, TLG Leasing is the answer to your short-term transportation needs.

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