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Based on continued improvements The Larson Group’s leasing and rental division made to its operations in 2020, PacLease awarded it with a Standards of Excellence Gold Award. 

TLG Leasing & Rental, a division of The Larson Group (TLG), recently celebrated receiving a 2020 Standards of Excellence Gold Award from PacLease, a PACCAR company. Citing the group’s “consistent focus” and ‘“full commitment to the franchise,” PacLease also made a point to highlight their continued improvement under the leadership of Mike Napoliello, TLG Leasing General Manager, and Steve Thompson, Leasing Maintenance Manager. They previously earned a Silver Award in 2019. 

TLG Leasing has come a long way in a short time and while we still have a lot to improve upon, the people that work in this division have endured some tough times,” said Napoliello. “But now, their contributions and talents are starting to shine, and I am very proud of what they accomplish every day.

According to PacLease, a leasing and rental group must meet ever-evolving high expectations to achieve this award, including commitment and capabilities and franchise profitability, as well as asset, sales and rental management. TLG Leasing & Rental attained 100-percent of the points available under the Commitment and Capabilities, and Sales Management categories, which contributed to the group’s total points of 925 out of 1,000. 

“We signed a lot more business,” said Napoliello, “In 2019 we only signed about 19 trucks. We signed about 70 in 2020 and we are at 128 for 2021 as of today. 

TLG was founded on the belief that buying a truck is more than a transaction. Since the company’s expansion into leasing, that belief still rings true, and the team contributes their success to their focus on customer service.  

TLG Leasing & Rental -Earns Standards Of Excellence Gold Award From PacLease

TLG Leasing & Rental maintains that service is the core of the leasing business, and they do not want to just be another vendor. They are in constant communication with their customers to provide a partnership that reflects the passion and premium products TLG is known for.  

PacLease took notice. During the group’s assessment, PacLease provided accolades for specific TLG Leasing & Rental staff on their ability to “understand their customers’ business to spec the correct vehicles” and are “focused to understand industry changes.”  

Napoliello, who came to the organization in late 2018, does not take the credit for their recent success, though 

“This was and will continue to be a team effort,” he said. While a lot of the positive changes that are being noticed have occurred in the last two and a half years I have been here, it is due to the people we have and their hard work and dedication every day. It is nice to see their efforts pay off and to have some recognition. 

TLG Leasing & Rental services are available at eight TLG Peterbilt facilities in six states. 

Pictured, left to right: Corri Drum, Ryleigh Bouldin, Kimberly Hirt, Jessie Keeth, Mike Napoliello and Nancy Sprague. 

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