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With environmental challenges, summer heat and a global COVID-19 pandemic in our midst, keeping your cab air filters clean are key to driving comfortably.

Every day your truck is under attack – the exterior, interior and especially under the hood. And with all the pressure of today’s environmental challenges, hot summer heat and a global pandemic on our hands, it's easy to forget about basic cab air filter maintenance. Clean cab air filters can benefit truck drivers and the health of the truck by providing an important barrier for these contaminants from entering the truck at all. Plus, making cabin air filter replacement a part of your routine maintenance can really help improve HVAC system performance and overall cabin air quality.

Cab Air Filter Checks Are Essential

When you spend up to 24 hours in a truck, the air quality in this small space is critical. Fresh air or the HVAC system allows in mold, pollen, diesel soot, germs and more. All these pollutants can be even more uncomfortable if the driver suffers from allergies or a respiratory illness.

Cabin air filters do a lot of work to improve your truck’s air quality, but over time they become saturated with debris and need (yes, need) to be replaced. And here’s an image that proves why:

A customer came in recently for an issue unrelated to cab air filter replacement. Our Peterbilt technicians discovered the A/C was not working as well as it should be and discovered cab air filters that desperately needed to be replaced.

Cab air filters should be changed every six to twelve months depending on your truck’s working environment, according to our Peterbilt service experts. Seasonal replacement is also encouraged for drivers who frequently experience severe temperatures or changes in climate.

Cabin air filter replacement is often overlooked, but another benefit of replacing this filter is that, in most cases, the job can be done in half an hour or less. If you’re already in the bay for other work, it can’t hurt to have these filters inspected at the very least.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Petro explains that scheduling preventive maintenance and repairing identified defects helps to control your running costs and stay competitive in your market space - and one key area to focus on when it comes to your preventive maintenance plan is your engine air filter and HVAC cabin filters.

Failure to identify when these filters require replacement can destroy a $50,000 engine or create a $2,000 air conditioning job due to compressor failure.

TLG’s mobile service team recommends scheduling appointments on a regular basis with our experienced team to prevent maintenance issues. They also work on all-makes, from commercial trucks to farm equipment.

Save Some Cash This Year

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