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The new Model 579 is the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient truck Peterbilt has ever built.

A new era of class arrived on February 3, 2021, when Peterbilt Motors Company unveiled the redesigned Model 579 during a live launch event. The new Model 579 is a major evolution that delivers improvements to aerodynamics, comfort, intuitive technology and safety 

The new Model 579 was developed over a five-year period and Peterbilt’s engineers worked with more than 50 customers to understand their needs and incorporated their feedback into the design. It’s been put to the test with validation units that have already accumulated 1.5 million real world miles and undergone rigorous durability testing. 

“Beautiful on and off the road, the new Model 579 raises the bar to a whole new level of aerodynamic performance and driver comfort. The boldness of the exterior design combined with the elegance of the interior space set the new 579 apart from the competition,” said Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice president.  

Designed for Drivers 

The improved comforts for drivers can be seen throughout the interior, with a focus on the details that matter most to drivers. From fixed cup holders and USB charging ports, to eight-foot ceilings and a cabin that has room for multiple small appliances, and a 32” TV – this truck was designed for an outstanding driver experience. The 579 Ultraloft sleeper provides 70 cubic feet of space, offering more storage than any comparable integral sleeper. 

Multiple windows let in plenty of natural light and additional ventilation. LED dome lights and three directional spot/reading lights provide additional convenience and safety. Whether you are behind the wheel or relaxing after a day on the road, this truck was designed for driver comfort. 

The Digital Age 

Peterbilt continues to lead the way in innovative technologies with the introduction of the all-new digital dash and new safety systems found in the new 579. The new Digital Dash delivers the information a driver needs in a customizable and intuitive digital interface with the 15” Digital Dash Display that offers three different Drive View Zones. A key feature is that drivers can control the Digital Dash with controls on the smart steering wheel. 

The Advanced Driver Assistance System in the digital display highlights Peterbilt’s commitment to driver safety and features controls for lane assist and lane departure. Even at night or in in climate weather, the Digital Vision System provides enhanced camera vision to give drivers the added boost they need to reduce their overall workload, enhance safety and increase uptime. 

The all-new digital dash in Peterbilt's new Model 579 displays new safety systems available to drivers

“The Class Leading Technologies found in the new Model 579 are game-changing. The clear and precise information relayed to drivers through the Peterbilt Digital Display, combined with the advanced safety systems found throughout the truck, provide a much higher level of awareness of the truck and its surroundings.” said Skoog. 

Efficiency and Uptime 

The years long research is well worth the wait as the new 579 delivers features that increase efficiency and uptime for fleets. The new Model 579 boasts an astounding 7% increase in fuel economy, which could save drivers thousands of dollars a year. Drivers will enjoy that the new aerodynamic shape with revised A-pillar vane delivers a cab and sleeper that are 10% quieter.

The sloped hood and additional components like the new 2021 PACCAR MX-13 and MX-11 engines and ­­PACCAR transmission, are optimized to reduce drag and engineered to work seamlessly to maximize your miles on the road. 

The new Model 579 is available for order in day cab and sleeper configurations. Learn more about the benefits to find your Peterbilt or customize your truck today by reaching out to a TLG sales professional 

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